The Soft Side of Jennifer Loy

May 24, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Hi again, we’re back with Jennifer Loy on this lovely spring morning. Shall we get right to it, JLo?
JL: I’m good to go.

ST: Please describe your writing space.
JL: LOL! My writing space consists of me in sweats and my glasses sitting in bed with a computer on my lap. When I join the living I put my contacts on and dress a lot better, I swear.

ST: What’s your favorite part of writing?
JL: Favorite part of writing is coming up with an idea and just writing it. The dialogue is my favorite. I also write in first person which makes it so much more personal to me. I really get into my book and put myself into the main character’s head that way.

ST: What do you absolutely hate about being an author?
JL: I hate waiting for responses on houses. I have to be the most impatient person ever and the waiting game sends me into fits. I have to send them out and practically forget about them. Then if I get a response I deal with it from there.

ST: Your website suits you and your novel. I recommend everyone cruise over to JLo’s site and check it out. How did you decide on the content and design?
JL: Well I tried to build my own website and failed miserably. Just before I threw my laptop out the second story window, Tracy L. Ranson offered to help me. She built the website for me and it looks great. Thanks again Tracy!

ST: You also have the Jennifer Loy-Extraordinary Romance Group that our readers should know about. Check out the site here. Tell us a little about your group.
JL: It’s a large group of people with a serious interest in romance books and consists of authors as well as readers. Weekly we have an author who is willing to post excerpts and talk about writing. The group is very interactive and a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome to take a peek and join.

ST: Thanks for coming out again today, JLo. See you in the morning?
JL: Definitely!

ST: Join us tomorrow when we learn what Jennifer Loy has instore for the future. Until tehn…

Happy Writing!

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