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December 4, 2007 | Interviews

ST: We’re back with Linda Sole. Here is her marvelous 4 ANGEL REVIEW from Fallen Angel Reviews;

Daddy Loves Belinda by Anne Sole is a great suspense story. From the beginning, the reader is routing for Georgie to find the clues to solve the multiple mysteries that seem to be coming at her all at once. Ms. Sole doesn’t give the reader much chance to rest before the next incident occurs to unbalance Georgie and set her on to another path. And while all the mysteries are occurring, Georgie must also decide if she wants a relationship with Fernando who is from a different world than Georgie’s or Steve who has been her best friend for years. I was so caught up with the story I read right through my dinner!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

ST: Congratulations, Linda!
LS: Thank you. I must say I am quite pleased.

ST: What’s a normal day like for you?
LS: I get up and have breakfast and then walk up to the village shop and buy papers, milk, post letters and parcels to readers who enter my competitions. I then start writing or do some promoting. Mid morning I have coffee with my husband. I break for lunch, which we eat together and I return to the computer to finish the work I’m doing. I usually come down an hour or so later and we talk, watch the TV together or sometimes go for a walk. In the evening I pop up and answer email that has come in since lunch and then we have tea, just something light. We don’t bother with going out much at night, because we prefer to relax at home. When I’m not working we go shopping in the mornings. Once a week we go to the sea and sometimes have lunch out, sometimes it is fish and chips, which we both love. In Spain we go out much more, but even there I do some writing.

ST: What a wonderful schedule. Are you stringent on your schedule?
LS: I make time for writing each day, even if it is only a few pages. If I can’t work at the computer for some reason I do a bit by hand and then copy up the next day. Writing is important to me and I am lucky enough to have help with housework, of which I do very little these days. Every now and then I have a blitz, but mostly someone else does the hovering and puts washing in the machine.

ST: Are there any quirks you have or do before or while you’re writing?
LS: No, I am not someone who needs motivating, or very rarely. If I do get stuck with a particular piece of the story I write by hand, because it is slower and I can let it come as it likes rather than sit staring at a blank screen. Fortunately, this does not happen often. In fact if I had more time to spare I could write even more.

ST: Who or what encouraged you to write?
LS: No one at the beginning. I think most people thought I would give up or the books wouldn’t be published. When my husband realized I was serious he encouraged me and does so all the time these days. There was an editor at Mills & Boon in England who helped me learn my trade and to be professional. She was my agent when I went mainstream. We are still in touch even though I don’t use an agent now.

ST: Where do you get the ideas for your novels?
LS: I sometimes feel stirred by beautiful music, which start me thinking, but these ideas lay dormant for a long time and sometimes come out when I’m not even thinking about writing. My usual way is just to think it is time I did another Regency and then I sit down and doodle a bit with ideas until the synopsis comes. This always changes as I write, because I write by the seat of my pants as they say. I just think of a heroine in a certain situation and then throw lots of obstacles in her way. However, the book never comes to life until I write the first scene for the hero. I almost always go back to the beginning and start with the hero once I have him alive and kicking.

ST: How do you research your books?
LS: I normally use books rather than the Internet. I have found that they are sound and sometimes the Internet isn’t. On occasion you can’t find what you want anywhere else but I am wary of relying on the net too much. With the Regency setting I have years of reading stored in my head so I just research historical dates and facts to make sure. I also watch factual programs on the BBC when I can, because they are good and usually very accurate. Pictures of the period are also good.

ST: Who is your support group?
LS: My editors are always good to me. I can email them or phone if I need to and they usually pick up any sill mistakes I make so that I can correct them before the books go to print. My husband is my rock. He is always there for me. I have writing friends I email a lot. I had one wonderful friend I used to talk to on the phone all the time, but unfortunately she had a stroke a year ago. I miss her a lot and her lovely books.

ST: I’m sorry to hear about her and wish her a speedy recovery. Will you be with us tomorrow?
LS: Definitely!

ST: Until then…

Happy Writing!

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4 Responses to “The Write Side of Life”

  1. MC Halliday Says:

    I’m really enjoying Linda Sole’s interviews and looking forward to the next wonderful two days! Thank you, Sloane!

  2. Sloane Says:

    You’re very welcome, MC. Come back any time. Maybe we can get you to do an interview. wink. wink.

  3. Melissa Bradley Says:

    Thanks Linda. I’m really enjoying your interview. You’re a very interesting person and I am going to go pick up some of your titles as soon as I can. I can’t believe I haven’t read you before! But I am always on the look out for engaging material because it inspires my own creative thinking. Daddy loves Belinda here I come.

    Good interview Sloane!

  4. MC Halliday Says:

    Oh, Sloane! I’d be honoured to be interviewed by you! Thank you so much for asking!!