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December 5, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Good Morning, World! We’re enjoying a snowstorm, just in time for the holidays. Here’s the cover for another of Linda’s books, Justice is Served.


ST: Hi Linda, and welcome back. Please describe your writing space.
LS: Oh dear, do you really want to know? My study is an upstairs bedroom. It overlooks a small wood where squirrels and birds play. However…there are books everywhere. I am gradually sinking under the weight. Thank goodness for ebooks! I have two computers and two desks set at right angles. The top is covered so that I hardly have room to put anything – must get some of this sorted! There are piles of manuscripts all over the floor and loads of files with things I can never find when I need them. Chaos would be a good way of describing its present state. I shall tidy up soon…promise!

ST: Do you find writing to be fulfilling? If so, in what way?
LS: Yes, very much so. I love the English language and sometimes I like the words to flow almost like poetry. If I can write something that makes me cry so much the better. It has become very important to me. I am not sure what I would have done with my time had I not discovered this wonderful gift I have been given.

ST: What’s your favorite part of writing?
LS: I think the moment I know a book is good. In the middle it is so hard to get it just right and sometimes I think what the hell am I doing? It can be frustrating and tiring and you feel like chucking the whole thing – but then comes that perfect moment when you know it is good. It may need a few tweaks here and there, but you know you’ve achieved what you want. The next best thing is seeing the book in print and getting the cheque!

ST: What do you absolutely hate about being an author?
LS: Rejection slips, especially the routine ones. Don’t they know how hard we work?

ST: In your opinion what’s the most important thing for a new writer to learn?
LS: That you have to listen to your editor when one takes the time to tell you something. You may hate what they say, but they are usually right. If they think something is wrong it is. You can change it in your own way, but take notice of their advice. A good editor is worth his or her weight in gold!

ST: Your website is cool. I recommend everyone cruise over to and check it out. Or just click here. How did you decide on the content and design?
LS: I have someone who does it for me. The one we have now has evolved over several years, things added as I come up with them. We are planning a change and I’ve seen the first outline. I wish I could do it myself because I would change it all the time, but I’m not that good with computer stuff yet. However, my blog is my own.

ST: Why do you think a website is important for authors?
LS: The Internet plays a big part in modern life. I believe that most authors could benefit from a website and I am sure most have them. I know that my HMB royalties have gone up considerably these past three years. Part of that is because of the Romance Prize I won, part is because the books are getting better, and part of it is I believe down to the fact that I do more promoting on the Internet. The biggest part of that is my website. The hits to my site have doubled in the past year. I think that must be down to promoting.

ST: Please tell us about your review/interview site and how you select your candidates.
LS: Red Roses For Authors/Reviews. I began this when I came to ebooks and realized how important reviews are to ebook authors. Mills & Boon books sell if they are on the shelves, but ebooks need to be out there on the Internet. I saw how thrilled some authors were to get a review and I read the plaintive emails from some that didn’t get any. I think all authors deserve to be reviewed. We can only do a few, but we often choose new authors. We do review authors who already have a name, but many of the ones we feature will not have been reviewed before and for many it will be their first book. Red Roses For Authors/Reviews never gives a bad review. If we do find one we can’t give a positive review for we just put it to one side. We are there to help authors not to hurt them! We are small but one day I hope more reviewers will join us and then we can do more. Our first Christmas Awards are up and the nominated authors are a mixture of paperback and ebooks. Here’s the site

ST: It really is a good site with fair reviews. Please check it out. How’s tomorrow looking for you to spend some time with us, Linda?
LS: I’ll be here bright and early for your time!

ST: Until then…

Happy Writing!

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2 Responses to “Author, Author Tell Us More”

  1. MC Halliday Says:

    I find it next to impossible to believe Linda gets rejections!! With eighty ab fab books, the publishers should be lined up begging for her manuscripts!!

  2. Jen Black Says:

    You mean you still get rejections? I don;t think I believe you!

    BTW, the link to your website doesn’t go anywhere but this blog.