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June 8, 2008 | Friends

just released an exciting book, MICHAEL’S KEEPER, by brand spankin’ new author Melissa Bradley. Her writing is fresh and kept this reader glued to the pages.

Ryanne Night-Walker is a paranormal investigator dealing with everything from ghosts and curses to poltergeists and hexes. She’s also the Crossroads Gatekeeper, charged with protecting humanity from all demonic activity. The last thing she expects when the handsome stranger walks into her office is a firestorm of sex and magic that changes her reality forever.

Michael St. John, alpha werewolf, is desperate to save his pack from destruction at the hands of a demon, and the Crossroads Gatekeeper is his only hope. He never anticipated she would also be his mate.

Yet their relationship can never be. As Gatekeeper, Ryanne is forbidden to love. In the eyes of the Celestial Council, nothing must come before the good of humanity. But can Ryanne and Michael defy the power of Heaven itself to save the wolf pack and remain together?


Ms Bradley is definitely an author you’ll want to add to your collection.

I’ll be back next week. Until then…

Happy Writing!
Sloane Taylor
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2 Responses to “Amber Heat from Amber Quill Press”

  1. Caffey Says:

    Oh this sounds great! I love any paranormal investigator books and this one sounds so unique! Yum werewolves and demons! I hope this is a series too! Would be great to have more to look forward to!

  2. Melissa Bradley Says:


    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and encouraging words. I intend for this to be a series and have a story planned for Nathan, one of Michael’s wolves. I also plan to take Ryanne on further adventures in the paranormal. Please feel free to visit me at

    Best wishes,