Melanie Atkins has Guys with Guns

December 12, 2008 | Friends

I’m excited to report that I have book coming out soon from The Wild Rose Press. Skeleton Bayou is a full length romantic suspense set in the Deep South. I don’t have a release date or any cover art yet, but I’m pretty sure it will come out in 2009.

Here’s a blurb:

Savannah Love is emotionally and physically battered, but is determined to survive after escaping the hellish imprisonment imposed on her by her psychotic cop-husband. After seven months in hiding, she resurfaces at Mossy Oak, her ramshackle family home on a Louisiana bayou, and attempts to restart her life. The empty house provides shelter, but isn’t the fortress she needs when her cruel ex comes calling.

Mack O’Malley, former cop turned handyman conflicted over a bad shoot on the job, comes to Savannah’s rescue when the psychopath draws them into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Fearful of Mack at first, she soon discovers that beneath his steely exterior lies a resolute defender with a heart hungry for love. Will their alliance save them, or will they fall victim to the Legend of Skeleton Bayou?


“I’m not going to jump you,” he said, challenging her with his inscrutable gaze, “if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She didn’t know that for a fact, not really. But right now she trusted him more than she did herself.
Desire swirled inside her like lava churning in a volcano. It had been a long time since she’d felt a man’s gentle touch, since she’d been kissed and treated like a lady. She was afraid she might let him hold her, and then who knew what might happen?

Careful to keep her distance, she folded her arms. “I’m not used to being with a kind man.”

“I’m not used to talking to a woman I can trust.”

“Well, then.” She let a tiny smile ghost over her lips. “We’re both damaged goods.”

“I prefer to call us weathered.”

She laughed, and was amazed by how good it felt. She hadn’t done it in a very long time.

He cupped her jaw. She flinched.

“Relax.” He smiled and stroked his thumb down her cheek. “I want you to get used to my touch.”

“Not now.” Her stomach knotted. She had no business enjoying the feel of his hands on her. She pulled back. “We have to keep our focus on Vince.”

“I’m ready for him.” Mack dropped his hand.

“I hope so,” she said, determination welling within her. She had to keep her thoughts off Mack. “I want him out of my life for good. Whatever it takes.”

Melanie Atkins
Chilling suspense…dreamy romance

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5 Responses to “Melanie Atkins has Guys with Guns”

  1. Sloane Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your contract, Melanie. Next thing I know you’ll be writing for Christopher Meloni!!

    Thank you for coming out today. I appreciate it.

  2. Edie Says:

    Melanie, great excerpt! The best characters are damaged! All mine are, anyway. 🙂

  3. Mary Marvella Says:

    Sounds like a must have book, as are your others!

  4. Sherry Morris Says:

    Melanie, it was great! I find it refreshing to have a bad cop instead of a cop hero. Speaking as someone with so many cops in her family tree that I was born flat footed, I do know some have dirty secrets. Your hero is wonderful 🙂

  5. Frances Says:

    Terrific Excerpt, Melanie. I like your hero. Yumm!