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February 9, 2009 | Friends

Especially if it’s a Vicki Paradise book. This talented author was born in New England and now makes her home in Wisconsin. She is married with two kids and a monster black and white cat. Vicki has always loved romance with all its quirks since she was thirteen reading Harlequin romances at her aunt’s house in the summer.

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Mia has been given the chance of a lifetime with an all expense paid trip to Callisto; one of Jupiter’s moons, where she will be pampered by the very strong servant class men.

Logan is one of the servants assigned to Mia. He has had dreams about an Earthling since he was a young boy, and is convinced Mia is the girl of his dreams. He has to decide if he wants to give himself fully to Mia, or if the risks are too great to take that step.



Jax’s partner at work has found his soul mate and now must decide if he wants to get a new partner right away or take a vacation. Jax decides a vacation on earth will be just what he needs before going back to Callisto. His vacation starts out dull, but three weeks in he encounters two sexy earthlings in the form of Evelyn, an alluring waitress that is being fondled by the patrons, and her big strong male friend Tom.

When something thought to be impossible happens, Jax and the two friends spiral into a world that can only bring them both pleasure and happiness.

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