Steamy Love & Laughter Sirens Tour

August 19, 2009 | Contests

Here’s the updated information on our book tour. We’re doing 12 locations with one winner at each site. Five winners so far; YASMINE, JEFFERSON, SUSAN, ANNE, and MELISSA!! You could be next.

The prize is a terrific totebag filled with books, candy, candles, and other fun things. To win, you must post. You can only win once during the tour, but you can post as many times as you like at each location!

Coming your way August 20th – 31!
The Steamy Love & Laughter Sirens Tour

Prize bags at every stop

You don’t want to miss this amazing group of authors

Sam Cheever

Lucynda Storey

Lizzie T. Leaf

Sloane Taylor
Be sure to join us for lots of fun!

Date Location Time

Thur 8/20 Talking Two Lips 8:00am-noonEST
Sat 8/22 League of Amazing Writers 7:00am-noonEST
Mon 8/24 Sloane Taylor blog all day
Thur 8/27 Brenda Williamson 8:00am-noonEST
Fri 8/28 Lizzie T. Leaf all day
Sun 8/30 Romance Excerpts Only 8:00am-noonEST
Mon 8/31 Lucynda Storey blog all day

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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