May 12, 2009 | Cooking

A frustrated woman is an unhappy woman. And friends, today I am one frustrated woman.

Studs is a huge lover of pork chops. Poor guy. Every time I fry them they come out tougher than leather soles on Florsheim shoes. Now Studs is a gentleman. He chomps on the damn things with a stamina that would make an Olympic champion proud. Whereas I want to sob as I gnaw away in disgust.

I’ve tried light browning, medium browning, cooking in wine, and/or chicken stock and anything else you can imagine. At this point, I’m ready to try voodoo dolls!

If any one out there has one shred of pity for my plight, please share your technique to fry a pork chop that’s edible. Studs would sure apprciate it.

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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2 Responses to “FRUSTRATED”

  1. Clare London Says:

    Well here comes the internationally famous supercook Clare London *coughcough*.

    We have them once a week because my boys love them too and they’re quick to cook when I come home from work. Grilled, but I put the grill pan on the bottom of the oven i.e. furthest away from the flame, and grill slowly and lightly so they stay juicy. They’re also nice casseroled in a tomato and herb sauce – and a BBQ cook-in casserole sauce. Or marinated in a lemon/herb sauce and baked in tinfoil in the oven. I’m sure hubby will find you some more recipes too, he likes them baked with Indian-spiced vegetables.

    God God I feel hungry now LOL. I’d send you all our favourite sauces but of course I couldn’t trust them not to be commandeered by Homeland Security LOL.

    Hope everything’s going well for you, my dear. I’m off to Barcelona for the weekend on Thursday, to recharge my batteries!

  2. Sloane Says:

    Clare, your sauces sound magnificent! You have me hungry now. LOL. Please do send them over and include the cooking temp and time. I’m thinking my problem comes from over-cooking the poor pig.

    Have a wonderful time in Barcelona!