Emotions and Pride Run High

June 15, 2010 | Applause

This is the second year Studs’ has worked the Special Olympics with the Lansing Knights of Columbus. The games are held in Normal, IL with 4,000 Illinois athletes competing in a variety of areas. Our athletes are swimmers and some of the best in the Nation. They work hard throughout the year to compete and we are proud of these fine men and women who won a wagon load of gold medals.

The Special Olympics committee announced that Illinois Law Enforcement raised an unprecedented 2.7 million dollars during the torch run. These fine officers give more than just time to provide an important aspect to the lives of people with special needs. Every parent, grandparent and friend appreciates all the extra hours and hard work Illinois Law Enforcement donates to bring our kids a better world.

Head Coach Dennis Sullivan asked Studs to parade in with four of our athletes for the opening ceremonies. This is done just like the Olympics only the athletes are representing areas instead of countries. It was an emotional time for us. Studs’ autistic brother Ed was one of the original competitors in Special Olympics. He passed away in April at 52. Studs was proud to walk in Ed’s memory.

Curtis, our top swimmer who is an Ambassador to the National Special Olympics in Nebraska this July, was given the high honor of lighting the torch by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Trust me – there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium Friday night.

I want to congratulate all the fine athletes for their sportsmanship and achievements. You kids ROCK!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a dining experience you’ll enjoy and to rave about Adam, the best server we’ve ever had the joy to meet. Until then…

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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4 Responses to “Emotions and Pride Run High”

  1. Sarah Grimm Says:

    What a fantastic event! Give Studs a great big kiss for me.

    My best friend’s daughter has Down Syndrome. She’s a hoot. I ADORE her and her mom. Watching the Special Olympics makes me cry as these young men and women are so misunderstood by so many, but so special in so many ways.

    I wish everyone could learn some of the things I’ve learned from Jessa.

  2. Sloane Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It’s my pleasure to give Studs a big kiss. LOL

    You’re are so right about these people being misunderstood. I’m glad to see it’s changing a little.

    I’m glad you have Jessa in your life because you, too, can help people be more sensitive.

  3. Beth Anderson Says:

    I saw the kid running with the torch down Burnham Avenue, the main street in my town, accompanied by fire engines from all the towns around here. He was running in the pouring rain, proud as heck to be carrying that torch. I don’t know which was wetter, the street or my eyes. Or the rest of me, for that matter because I stood out there in the rain cheering him on for a couple of minutes. God bless them all, they are truly the world’s most special people.

  4. Sloane Says:

    Hey Beth,

    You’ve brought tears to my eyes! I believe God does bless them in ways we will never understand.