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And no one writes them better than my good friend, Canadian author Jan Springer. Today, we feature her futuristic story, Jude Outlaw, that’s a guaranteed thigh-clencher. I lovingly dubbed Jan the Queen of Hot. After you read one of her books, you’ll agree. 🙂

Outlaw Lovers 1
Jan Springer
ISBN: 9781843609377
Ellora’s Cave


A fast-acting virus has been unleashed, killing a vast majority of the world’s female population and forcing the creation of a new law…The Claiming Law. With the stroke of a pen, males now have all the rights and females are property…sexual property that can only be claimed by groups of men.

When Cate Callahan learns Jude Outlaw is coming home from the Terrorist Wars and is ready to claim her under the new law—with the help of his four remaining brothers—she steals their boat and escapes to the high seas. Unfortunately, her runaway bid for freedom doesn’t last for long.
Quickly capturing his lover, Jude rekindles the flames between them preparing her body and seducing her mind into the prospect of experiencing the ultimate in a woman’s pleasure…the Outlaw brothers.

Jude awoke to the dull throbbing of odd aches and pains in his arms and legs and also to an unusual tickling sensation prodding the feverish head of his cock.

He grit his teeth to the killing pleasure and opened his eyes to find himself lying totally naked on the bed with Cate seated cross legged between his own widespread legs.

She wore nothing but the cutest little smile.

The she-devil!

Obviously, she’d been having her way with his cock while he’d slept. His arms and legs were tied to the bedposts and his erection was in full swing. Thick and hot, his shaft stuck up like a solid pole from between his legs.

His entire body tensed as she fanned a plume across the rounded head of his pulsing penis.

“Glad you could join me for the festivities,” she purred.

Jude swore softly. The tables had turned and now he was at her mercy.
“What are you up to, Cate?”

Stupid question. He knew what she was up to.


“I could tell you but I’ll show you instead.”

Her eyes smiled as the feather tenderly crisscrossed the powerful weave of veins in his throbbing cock.

Jude’s shaft twitched quite pleasantly and he smothered the need to groan.

When she reached the thick base, she slid the plume lower brushing it to and fro across his bulging sack. Lust shot through his heavy balls, spreading upward and spiking his erection with such sweet pain he couldn’t stop the groan from escaping his lips.

“You appear to be in distress,” she whispered.

“Perhaps you should come to my rescue, Cate.”

“Perhaps you should come…”


She dropped the feather. Her lips tilted upward into a delicious smile. His body burned as he looked at her mouth. It made him think wild thoughts. Made him want her lips wrapped tightly around his cock, her hot little tongue licking his balls.

He wanted to be loose, to ask her do these things to him.

“Cate, I want…“

Her hand felt soft and warm as she clamped it over his mouth silencing any requests. He noticed the soft dusting of freckles across her nose, noticed the seductive way her green eyes sparkled as she gazed down at him. His chest constricted at her natural beauty.

“Shh, I’ve had five years to think of things I want to do to you too, Jude.”
Her soft words made his body hum.

Holding her hand tightly over his mouth, she reached out with the other hand and cupped his testicles. Despite his best efforts to keep himself under control, his body tightened with tormenting need.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. He was supposed to be the one in control. The one who would make her beg him to fuck her and not the other way around…


Learn more about Jan Springer and her sizzling books on her website. You can catch up with her on Facebook. Be sure to join her newsletter for more information on this talented author.

I’ll be back Friday with a new release from Marie Treanor. Until then…

Happy Reading!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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  1. Marie Tuhart Says:

    Hot cover and excerpt. Another Outlaw book I need to go buy. WTG, Jan.

  2. jan springer Says:

    Hi Sloane, Thanks for having me over. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful intro too! Woooo! *jan fanning herself*


  3. jan springer Says:

    Thanks, Marie. 🙂


  4. Sloane Says:

    My please, Queen!