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November 11, 2008 | Hot Damn

The Romance Studio thinks my blog is “special and really cool”! That is so terrific! TRS also awarded me with the I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD. Thank you, TRS! Below you can see my neat prize.

Now, I’m to nominate seven other blogs that are outstanding. After much thought, I decided on:

Lena Austin

T.A. Chase

Maya Reynolds

Tabitha Shay

Ginger Simpson

Jan Springer

Lucynda Storey

Thanks again to The Romance Studio for the honor. It was fun!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell



November 6, 2008 | Hot Damn

Check out the fabulous cover Art Director Celia Kyle has created for my new release coming from Aspen Mountain Press next Friday.

I am just over the moon about it. Thank you, Ce, for capturing Lonnie’s true nature!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell


It Just Can’t Get Better!

October 7, 2008 | Hot Damn

October is a fantastic month for me. A second new release came out today! This one is from Eternal Press.

The Naughty Ladies of Nice
Book Four


Straight-laced children’s author, Rachel Conklin, awakens on a deserted island wrapped in the arms of a sexy pirate. Convinced she’s in a dream conjured from the pages of her breakout novel, Rachel casts her inhibitions to the wind and seduces the handsome sailor. Rides the waves of passion

Pediatrician Henri Bernier wasn’t quite sure what to do with the sexy mermaid he’d pulled from the sea. Then she started kissing him and sent his libido soaring. Now the good doctor is ready for anything.


Warm tingles started in her belly, pooling low in her abdomen, a sensation she’d long missed. His lips were strong, supple, working her own apart. She glided her tongue along the seam of his mouth, loving the salty taste and the rasp of his beard on her bruised face. Moisture filled her panties, making her alive and wanting more. She laced an arm around the broad shoulders leaning over her, curling her fingers in his long, silky hair.

Her nipples puckered more with each stroke as he glided his hand along her spine, continuing lower over the curve of her ass to her thigh. Wet sand greeted her when he smoothly rolled them over. Her legs parted, welcoming her secret pirate. Nope, make that swashbuckler. More romantic.

Shivers raced through her and he held her closer. His body heat, a beautiful thing, shrouded them. Her breasts grew heavier, straining against her shirt, with his solid erection pressing into her. She wiggled closer, needing to feel him inside her.

Indistinguishable sounds filled her ears, forgotten lyrics from an old, sweet love song. She wanted to remember, but not enough to give up her fantasy man and the erotic glow of mystery sex.

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell


WHOOHOO! It’s Here!!

October 3, 2008 | Hot Damn

Party time here in Northwest Indiana! Aspen Mountain Press released Photo Op! today.

World renowned photojournalist Emily Peters is in Paris ready to expose the truth behind the ultra exclusive S&G Club. More than willing to go to extremes for the job, she never expects to be tied up in knots by the Devil.

Restaurateur Nicholas Caine has no intention of indulging his sexual appetites while on a business trip, until a seductive goddess enters his lair. There’s only one thing he can do…take her.

Her nose twitched as a subtle, yet pleasant, aroma surrounded her.

“It is pear, Madam.”

Another tall handsome waiter, looking good enough to eat, stood at her side and without a word slid a menu in front of her. She glanced up into large chocolate eyes and her heart stuttered.

“Pardon?” Her voice came out on a whoosh of air.

“I noticed your attempt to distinguish the scent.” He waved a large hand in the air. “Many of our ladies have had your same reaction.”

She cleared her throat. “Delightful.”

“At times, late in the evening, the air is infused with a hint of cinnamon and chocolate.” His eyes twinkled as if he were sharing a dark secret. “Tempts one to indulge in a decadent dessert. Would you care for one, Ms Peters?”

A shiver weaved its way up her spine when he said her name. With shaking fingers, she took a gulp of ice water, ordering her oversexed body to behave.

“If nothing on the menu appeals to you, Chef Claude would be elated to whip up whatever you prefer.”
British and gorgeous. And then it sunk in. Chef Claude.

“Is he Claude St. Cyr? The same chef who owns a cooking school?”

The waiter from every woman’s fantasy grinned. “One in the same.”

Now what the hell is he doing in a place like this?

“Ms Peters?” He tapped a well-groomed fingernail on the menu.

“What? Oh yes.” She flipped open the leather jacket to scan the tasty treats, her one downfall. The card read like an international list of culinary sexual pleasures.

Spotted Dick presented by Jon
Bavarian Cream presented by Hans
Hot Soufflé presented by Francois
Mocha Butter presented by Motumba

Emily slipped the cap off her lipstick tube, then did an unhurried swipe along her bottom lip, wondering just how far the presenters would go.

“Do you see anything you like?” His deep voice played havoc with her senses as she squirmed in her damp panties.

“Too bad you don’t offer Cumberland Rum Nicky. I enjoyed it at a restaurant in London a few years ago. Never found it again.” His tanned face paled as if she’d requested to borrow The Crown Jewels.

“Perhaps a dish of Whim Wham?”

“No thanks, I’m fanciful enough.” She laughed at her little joke about the true meaning of the Scottish pie. “I’d really like a Benedictine straight up and a cup of black coffee.”

He nodded and walked toward the bar area.

Of all the waitstaff Emily had encountered or seen during her two hours over dinner, this last was the paix de la résistance. Sable brown hair caressed his white shirt collar. She’d give anything to run her fingers through the thick waves.

The Reverend and ladies met with her lickable waiter at the doorway. He stood to the side, gesturing for them to go first. The tallest of the women stopped and started up a conversation, but he backed away the moment she ran her fingers along his jaw line.
Seems like the help gets to play with the clientele.

Emily pulled the cap off her lipstick tube.

Smile, I think you’re going to like this one.


Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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Sweet Smell of Success

September 3, 2008 | Hot Damn

follows Melissa Bradley as she does it again with another scorcher from Amber Quill Press.

Genres: Contemporary / Interracial / Multicultural
Length: Novella (20k words)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-367-2 (Electronic)

BUY LINK Amber Quill Press


Nina Rozek has one big nightmare of a fortieth birthday. She’s overslept, is late for work and manages to get herself pulled over by the hottest young cop she’s ever laid eyes on. And if that weren’t enough, she looks like something her dog would dig up in the backyard. Not that it matters, though, since the handsome police officer is much too young for her…

Alex Torres feels the heat deep in his gut as soon as he locks eyes with the sexy speedster. But, as a police officer, he knows using her info to get a date is oh-so-illegal…

When the two unexpectedly cross paths at a rock concert later that evening, the intense attraction between them boils over into a night of scorching passion straight out of their wildest fantasies. In spite of their many differences, Nina and Alex forge an unlikely relationship that quickly changes everything. Their own problems aren’t the only obstacles they face, however, as friends, family and career threaten to tear them apart.


Nina was drowning. There was no other way to describe this rush of taste, scent and heat. Like the song said, she wanted to stay right here, just like this. She’d never imagined for one second that she would be in the arms of a hot young stud, making out with him. Or that she would consider inviting him back to her place. Sensible, forty-year-old accounting managers didn’t do these things.

Why not? The little devil voice danced inside her head.

She moaned as Alex’s tongue swept inside her mouth, twining with hers, exploring, savoring her like a gourmet treat. Her heart knocked against her chest in a primal jungle beat. His hands squeezed her rear tighter, pressing her belly against his erection.

He groaned and tore his mouth from hers, gulping in air like a winded runner. He touched his forehead to hers. “We have to stop. We can’t… Not here.”

Nina wanted to scream. “I know,” she whispered instead.

They stood there, arms around each other, cheeks pressed together trying to control their racing hearts.

Nina wanted this to continue. Between cowardice and desire, she felt her nerves stretch to their limit. Situations like this just didn’t come along.

So go for it. There was that blasted little voice again.

She decided to take a chance. “I don’t want this to end.”

“Neither do I.” Alex caressed the skin of her lower back just above her jeans. “But I did drive my friends.”

Nina worked out the logistics in her head as she played with the hair at the nape of his neck. “Athena drove, and I really have to go home with her. Give me your cell phone.”

He slipped it off his belt clip and handed it to her.

She was freaking crazy. Blaming it on the beer wouldn’t help because she’d only had the one.
Before she lost her nerve, she flipped open the phone and keyed in her name and number.

“You want me to call you tomorrow?”

“No.” Nina pressed “save” and handed over the phone. “Tonight. After you take your friends home.”

Alex stroked a thumb across her cheekbone. “Are you sure?”


He lifted her against him, and kissed her hard and quick. “I want to leave right now.”

Nina couldn’t have agreed more and moved in for another kiss. It went from zero to sixty in three-point-five seconds. She put her hands on his chest and pushed herself away. “You are dangerous.”

Alex bent at the waist, hands on his knees. “Shit! No more touching.”

Her body screaming at the loss of contact, Nina agreed. As she sank down beside Merrilee, she reflected that it was going to be a very long concert.

DREAM ON is one hot read you don’t want to miss. It’s well written with all the elements to squeeze your thighs. Tight.

BUY LINK Amber Quill Press

I’ll be back later in the week. Until then…

Happy Writing!
Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell


Let the Wine Flow!

March 3, 2008 | Hot Damn

Amber Quill Press has released the seven winners of their 5th annual writer’s contest.

Our critique group is popping cyber champagne to celebrate with our very own, extremely talented, Melissa Bradley. Her manuscript, MICHAEL’S KEEPER, a dark fantasy won!

Authors of these winning manuscripts will receive AQP’s standard two-year contract, and the stories will be published (from either Amber Heat or Amber Allure, depending on genre) in June 2008.

CONGRATULATIONS, Melissa and to all the other fine authors!

Happy Writing!

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September 22, 2007 | Hot Damn

Bon Jour, Mon Amies,

I am so excited to share my new cover for FRENCH Delights coming soon from Eternal Press. Hope you like it!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Whoa, Baby!

August 3, 2007 | Hot Damn

Presenting for the first time ever my new book cover from Eternal Press.


French TART will be released sometime in September. By then we’ll be sure to have an excerpt posted. Be sure to check out the Eternal Press website for more amazing books.

See you all next week. Until then…

Happy Writing!



May 3, 2007 | Hot Damn

My cover for the July release of FRANCINE ON FIRE courtesy of Triskelion Publishing.


Isn’t he…er…IT, yes the cover, hot? I can’t wait to see this bad boy spring off the pages.


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Rochelle Rae Hensler Hits Best Seller List!

April 24, 2007 | Hot Damn

Rochelle has worked hard for the past ten years to be published then hit the market with two outstanding books and made the Best Seller’s List with Clutch Me If You Can. She is an author you’ll want to read.

As promised, here is the cover for Rochelle Rae Hensler’s other new book Yesterday’s Tomorrow.


This is the blurb;

HEAT LEVEL – SWEET : Keeper now and Keeper then, lands and wealth he’ll see. He who secures the realm, his heart’s desire be. If his heart’s desire be a woman steadfast and true, Time will have no hold on them until the spell is through. Brighton Grey has secured the realm for Elizabeth Tudor, fulfilling the prophecy of an ancient magician. But before he could claim his reward, tragedy strikes. Breanna Chandler is a modern woman with a medieval past, a past that comes to life when her best friend regresses her into the court of Elizabeth Tudor, and can’t bring her back. Centuries may separate them, but an ancient magician’s word must be honored, uniting two souls whose love withstands the greatest test of all, the test of time.

How did Ms. Hensler found inspiration for Yesterday’s Tomorrow? Check out the answer below.

Ms. Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor is Rochelle’s favorite paranormal romance. But as much as Rochelle loved the book, she found herself obsessed with the hero, Nicholas Stafford, who had to live out his days without his beloved Dougless by his side. She saw no other recourse, she had to create her own love story where both hero and heroine find their happily ever after in the same time period. Rochelle’s first novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is the result of that effort.

If you want a good book to cuddle up with then cruise on over to the Triskelion Publishing site for your own copies of Yesterday’s Tomorrow and Clutch Me If You Can.

See you later this week and until then…

Happy Writing!

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